Zarek brought me this photo tonight as I lay across my bed exhausted. My day:

  • started with making kids to do lists
  • giving them loves
  • heading to work to only sit there dwelling on all the things at home that need doing
  • worked
  • headed home to deal with state phone calls
  • get home to ask if schoolwork is done knowing the answer
  • try to take a half an hour to just breathe and get my first bites of food in,
  • help Zane with the cat box
  • get Zarek to empty the clean dishes
  • get the kids on a zoom call with their grandma who’s in full isolation
  • look at my homework but get distracted by ordering dinner
  • get Zarek on his laptop to look at school
  • find a mess that needs to be cleaned Zane takes the job with no questions
  • sit down with Zarek to help with school to get pissed at the 30+ assignments for the week
  • I finally get food served and eat my first meal
  • serve the kids seconds
  • sit down to help with Zarek and school again to get in a fight over it but get something turned in
  • I message my boyfriend this isn’t fair to parents who still work
  • I ask Zane and Zarek to hang clothes while I clean the kitchen
  • do laundry
  • I think 3 shirts got hung
  • Zarek takes out the leaking garbage
  • Zarek starts asking about where are the Amiibos and I snap that they are in their room that needs to be cleaned

I hear him digging through stuff as I lay on my bed just exhausted.

I looked at the photo he brought me and I cried and the boys and I hugged as we all talk about the stress of school and home life.

I still have a couple hours of school that is due tonight but Zarek brought me a glow stick to brighten me up.

This all starts again tomorrow.


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