About Full Brain Films

Wrong Room production scene
Behind the scenes of the short film, Wrong Room

Full Brain Films (FBF) is an independent film production group based in Portland, Oregon, committed to the development of mature, thought provoking, character-driven narrative films of varied genres.

From drama to sci-fi, comedy to action, FBF aims to produce projects that particularly focus on the role of women in film, both in development and production, and on-screen.

FBF is developing and producing an exciting collection of new projects and is always looking for support and the talented expertise of professionals in the Portland area, and making connections across the country and beyond.

Please contact us to learn more and find out what role you can play with Full Brain Films.

Rehearsal for Ring of Storms reading
Michelle Damis, Mariessa Portelance and Jorge Molina rehearse for a reading of the screenplay, Ring of Storms.